Infact this ego of the mind is fed since childhood. As we do things, only what we like and ignore people and things we dislike.

At times we are so limited by the narrow thinking of the mind who wants to control every thing that at times we do not let go of our views and ideas and miss the bigger scheme of things. *Thy will be done is a beautiful way in life to accept things which in the short run may seem very harsh but in the long run in the scheme of life every part of the puzzle fits in perfectly.*

Thy will be done makes us accept situations and also helps us deal with our frustrations due to failure in a magnanimous manner. For example, lets say a student is studying really hard with a lot of effort to succeed in a science exam, only to fail in his examination at the end of it all. At that point in time, he feels really sad because all the effort seems to have been a waste. He shifts to the commerce exams and in time to come completes his MBA and becomes one of the top bankers in the city. So at the time of failure to reduce the agitations and frustrations of the mind if he had learnt this maxim *(Whatever happens happens for a reason and for the good or Thy will be done or proverbially as they say “BECAUSE YOU HAD A BAD DREAM DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL NOT SLÉEP EVER AGAIN”).* 

 When our monkey mind works on these maxims in life it learns to deal with disappointments and failures in an apt manner and when the mind is silent it takes important decisions correctly. When a room is silent its simpler to take a calm decision rather than in a noisy room. 

 A very good example to this is the story of *AKBAR AND BIRBAL (if you are a good tale reader like ne you would be preview to the story).* This story highlights the point where Akbar looses one of his fingers while hunting with Birbal and Birbal tells the the king everything  that happens actually happens for the good. Akbars mind facing that pain cannot understand how there can be any good in him loosing a finger. Well we all have to realise at some point that every incident when like when you pull up your legs and look at them, you realise that life is just perfectly placed to make you the person you are today and every other day. 

 Had akbar not lost his finger he would have been sacrificed by the adivasis who had caught him in the jungle. Since his finger was cut they realised they cannot give him as a sacrifice to their god because in their eyes he was defective due to lack of one finger. Akbar in that story felt sorry and realised the reason behind him loosing the finger but there are so many instances and experiences which may seem so disappointing, terrifying and depressing and the reason behind the occurrence or the reason might not come to light but the Monkey mind has to have the faith in the maxim that *Thy will be done and not mine will be done.* 

 At that point of self realisation, life becomes such a joyous experience because disappoitntments are also taken in the right spirit and appropriate decisions are taken with a calm mind.

 Finaly, dear clients and friends… *LET THY WILL BE DONE PERIOD!!!*


Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


Medallion76 Security



… like an electrical transfer of enthusiasm.

People who are not committed to what they do lead very empty lives. Caring is a critical element in life. All men and women who enjoy great lives care about what they do. They have passion about what they do and they love what they do.

*3. They are prepared.* 

Successful people review every detail in advance. They do things that the average person is not willing to do. They make sacrifices the average person is not willing to make. But the difference it makes is extraordinary.

Before you go into a meeting, do your homework. Before you give a speech, research the information and practice your talking points. Dive in deep to review every detail of every situation before you take it on.

Successful people are more concerned about pleasing results than they are about pleasing methods. There is nothing more complimentary to your team, your client, your audience than the feeling that you have thoughtfully prepared for the tasks.

*4. They are continuous learners.* 

Like the popular musician Olamide would say *ARE YOU A LEARNER?😃* Well high achievers recognize that if they are not continually getting better, they are getting worse. They read, they listen to CDs and they take additional training. The professional never stops learning. So to keep improving you need to read, listen to CDs and take continuous training in your field.The key is *Never stop learning.*

*5. They are responsible.*

The top people in our society have an attitude of self-employment. That is essential, because 100 percent of us are self-employed. *We are presidents of our own personal services corporation*. You work for yourself, and the biggest mistake we can ever make is to think we work for anyone else. The person who signs our pay check may change, our jobs may change, but we are always the same. We are the one constant.

The fact of the matter is that this is not optional, it is mandatory. You are the president of your own career, your own life, your own finances, your own body, your own family, your own health. You are totally responsible.

Finally, my candid advice to you all is that we have to be responsible. No one will ever do it for us. It is the most liberating and exhilarating thought of all, to think, to realize, that you are the president of your own life.

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day *PERIOD!!!*.


Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


Medallion76 Security


It is just best to be open and flexible  to the idea of advice be it from whomever if it appeases and sorts the issue. There was this flood once in a village and one individual was about to drown and he was praying to God to save him . An individual in a boat approached him to take him to safer lands but he was so obsessed that his prayers should be answered and God saving him he refused help. God stood laughing in front of him and saying i was the boatman who came to help you in disguise. 

That is the story with our lives we depend and put our hopes on one spouse or one friend that he or she is the only one that will  help us and when he/she disappoints we feel betrayed not realizing the Almighty sent help through a different individual but we failed to acknowledge HIM. Its best to have your relationship with Him because he never disappoints.

 Furthermore, please note that in every situation in life an individual has two choices; *there will be an easy choice and a slightly difficult choice.* the easier choice may be quite in line with your personality and might require the least effort and less of emotional turmoil while the other choice might be quite contradictory to the personality and might involve a lot of emotional turmoil.

 Every human being is blessed with the prerogative of freedom of choice but  once you make the choice there is a package deal that comes with it, hence the need to be calm when taking and making or being part of a decision because after having made the choice a lot of people want to discard the emotional turmoil and other stuff that comes along with it. 

 It is like choosing a rose without the thorn which is inevitable. Any choice made comes with a package deal. We resist the package deal and the so called supplementary stuff that comes along with the package. 

 Finally, my dear friends, I advice that you make choices true to your conscience rather than choosing the easier one *PERIOD!!*


Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


Medallion76 Security


Good day my friends. Happy Democracy Day.

I bless God your day is coming on just fine. Hope you are being accommodative of the weather. Our M/I clinic series continues this afternoon with consideration of  HOW WE DEAL WITH DEFEATS.

Do we treat them as temporary or fatal? How will you decide?

I have looked at this topic from so many angles and what came to mind is that a man without standards will bend on a crystal clear day and break in the face of a gentle wind.  Such a man if he was a tree would be  the perfect candidate for making match sticks. He has great potential, can get the big fire started but never remain long enough to see any major accomplishment. To be useful his handlers quickly move on to the next best aspect of him fully expecting that too to be temporary…indeed a shame!!

A man who operates with sound moral standards is like the old blue mahoe buffeted by wind and rain, harassed by the elements, growing gnarled but strong, bruised but solid. Such a man is perfect to be the central weight bearing column in the building of great works and realization of big visions.

So decide whether you are that which they would quickly make match sticks of or whether you are that valuable cherished blue mahoe reserved for the creation of that which is intended to last and serve for generations.

Do you know that we have the choice of making each day whatever we wish it to be? The circumstances and situations will change, generally we have no control over the initial occurrences, however, ultimately it is how we decide to respond which will make the difference. We must always choose to see ourselves as a victors and not victims in whatever the situation we may find ourselves. To do otherwise is to turn temporary defeat into a fatal loss. An individual who has made effective effort in himself easily finds the truth in this admonition. Medallion76 Security M/I Clinic teaches that in every failure there is an equal or greater opportunity to be exploited and embraced.

Those who are most likely to turn defeat into opportunity have a clear vision of their purpose in life. “Vision is the source of hope and life”.  To remain hopeful therefore in the face of challenges it’s critical that we develop a clear vision of where we wish to be. As a man thinks, so will he be. Our thoughts have the power to transform our lives and define our abilities hence you must first define a clear vision and then inspire others to corporately work towards its realisation.

A clear vision helps to define purpose which in turn guides ones achievements. The creation of a highly emotionalized vision is one of the critical ingredients for success and also for effective self development. Temporary defeat therefore becomes a constant in the journey of those who secure clearly their vision; they learn to embrace failure as a necessity of growth and a platform for inspiring great achievement.

The decision between temporary failure or fatal loss holds great potency for undergirding one’s life. Choose therefore to always find the possibilities in the moments of failures.

Remember most earnestly that in doing the right thing is not always easy but ones willingness to do so even in the face of great personal challenges is the defining behaviour of a great person. Our mission is to find our true greatness. Being intentionally courageous is one ingredient we continuously seek embrace on this journey.

Finally, my candid advice is that you have to be sound in your thinking and visionary in your approach to life. Decide always to be your greatest self PERIOD!!!

I remain your always humble…

Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt KJ Kalio


Medallion76 Security


Goodmorning dear friends. How was ur night. I bless God you all bounced up in high spirit. This morning, I will be talking to you about *DEFEAT.*

We all have two demons vested in us; the good demon and the bad demon and we control this demons ourselves. The problem is when and what do you feed each of this demons? Do they control you or you are in charge?

Do know that a lot many people are defeated by their thoughts even before it materializes itself. There is no force like success and that is why the individual makes all effort to surround himself throughout life with the evidence of it; as of the individual so should it be to the you.

*Let me share with you a story*…Two groups of businessmen were brought out separately and told of a business plan that they were advised to invest in

…the first group were told the business had an eighty percent chance of success..all hands automatically shot up..they were ready to commit to the investment.

 The second group were brought in and told the business had a twenty percent chance of failure…before anytin else could be said…they all threw in the white flag and gave the thumbs down….they were not ready to commit into an already chanced failed investment.

 The funny thing is that *the two groups were told the same thing but in different ways* and they instantly decided which demon to feed and instantly their hearts reacted differently.

 This happened because one was group was looking at the optimistic angle and the other group were the pessimistic. 

 That is also how the human mind commits itself to action. The mind must have a picture of success to really commit itself to action other than that anytin else it will not be fully involved and when ur mind is not fully involved you are defeated before even u start.

 It is said that birds of the same feather flock together hence, if you move wit losers you become a loser yourself. It is therefore necessary that you remove the losers in your life. It is so funny that you will meet a lot of people on lifes road who complain about so many things and don’t do anytin about it.

 Remember, all the things that you can defeat will easily overcome you because ur mind is not committed to taking them head on. Only a committed mind can assure you of a committed success. 

 You are wat u tink so keep away from negativity. Whatever the situation is, avoid pessimism and do not entertain fear or doubts. All these create a negative picture to the mind. 

 Here at the M76 M/I Clinic we always urge you to refuse remaining around someone who doesn’t get excited over what is important to you. It must be important to them if for no other reason that it is important to you.

 If it is not then you are wasting your time with the person. A person who is disinterested in ur dream is not interested in you as a person.

 Finally, destroy all negative facts of defeat from your mind and let your mind see the  positive facts and the assurance of success always defeating failure alone.



Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


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Medallion76 Security Motivational/Inspirational Clinic

Good morning friends. I bless God your night was fine. Hope you all woke up in high spirit. Today, I will be talking to you about *SPEAKING RIGHT.*

Let us take a look at what Speaking right is all about?

It is simply an embodiment of a thought process, a philosophy which argues that every man has unique greatness within him. This our newest page is therefore meant to provide the first level of tangibility to a vision focused on helping others to unearth their greatest self.

When a man decides to become his greatest self he embraces his own story and struggles, with conviction. He asks himself the hardest question *”who am I?*. At that point, he recognizes wherever he currently stands is just the beginning.

When a man decides to become his greatest self he honestly bares his soul, exposes his vulnerability and start his journey towards himself, indeed a journey towards his greatest self.

Remember that Life helps us to embrace the philosophy that each of us is created with greatness within and our task is to pursue the realization of same. But when you would have manifested that greatness, and you will if you decide and work at it, remember always to be humble. Humility is one of the immutable hallmark of true greatness with the ability to inspire others to reach too for their own greatness.

Furthermore, let me remind you that there are those days, those moments when you become totally convinced that all human interaction is about vibrations. Remove negative influence and the spirit soars.

Inject negativity and it once again starts to die through the media of fear; cowardice; timidity and unholy reverence for dogmas. When confronted with the negative vibes be bold, be brave, be strong, be confident in self….vibrate higher knowing that your spirit is stronger than anything that can ever happen to it.

We at M76 M/I Clinic appreciate all the “likes” and ask you to grow with us and share our daily messages because you never know who you maybe helping out of a situation. In due course, our M76 M/I Clinic blog will be populated mainly with works of those who influence us.

While we will be sharing our motivational and inspirational works or thoughts of others, we are of the view that to quote another can be profound but to create works which inspire and which others will quote is devine.

To be real the pursuit can never be selfish…so I urge you to share with a friend…who will in turn tell another about us.

Finally, please be reminded that in the service of others, always choose to pursue your greatest self!

Life is all about the vibes and vibrations… *PERIOD!!!*

I am your humble…


Capt KJ Kalio


*Medallion76 Security*

Medallion76 Security Motivational/Inspirational Clinic

Goodmorning friends. I bless God your night was fine. Welcome to a bright new day. This morning I will be talking to you about *HUNGER*

Let me start by asking this question. Do you know the reason why many people are struggling in life? It is because they are not hungry. Hmm strange but very true.

*What does it mean to be hungry?*

To be hungry is to want something so badly that you will do anything within healthy and positive primeters to get it. To be hungry is to never give up despite the delays, rejections and setbacks you face. To be hungry is to remain focused and determined never letting anything to distract you from getting what you want in a positive and genuine manner.

People who are hungry for success go to any length within healthy primeters to attain it. People who are hungry for impact defy every hindrance to touch lives. People who are hungry don’t make excuses or shift blames, they take responsibility for whatever happens in their lives. People who are hungry don’t conform, they standout.

The purpose of this Grounded moment is to remind you that your body is always fighting for you. Your body fights for your breath, your wellness, and your safety. But remember your soul, because sometimes your brain will keep you from acting on impulse to keep you safe.

Futhemore, the likely problem with many people today especially the youths is that they are not hungry. Another problem is that many are hungry only for food, fun, pleasure and what to consume. They don’t understand the rule of the game and alot more dont want to understand.

They don’t understand that victory is not for spectators, feeble minds, mediocre, complecent, ignorant or lazy people but for fighters.

Here at M76 M/I Clinic, I have tried to make you realise that, “You have got to be hungry”. Hungry people find ways and not excuses. Being hungry doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy to get what you want talkless of what you need; it just means that you will fight as long as it takes, you will work as long as it takes, you will wait as long as it takes and pray as long as it takes to get what you desire.

Finally, I would urge you to;

Be hungry for knowledge. .

Be hungry for impact. .

Be hungry for success. .

Be hungry for personal growth. .

Be hungry for God. .

Now the question is *”HOW ARE YOU HUNGRY?”*

Let me know what you are hungry for. .and I will roll out the menu to quench your hunger *PERIOD!!!*

*Please note* henceforth that if by any chance you miss out on our daily whatsapp M76 M/I Clinic posts, you can still follow us and keep up speed on our *Blog page @ http://www.medallion76security.Wordpress.com*😎

I remain your…

Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


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Medallion76 Security Motivational/Inspirational Clinic

Goodmorning to all our friends n clients. I bless God you all up in high spirit. Todays topic will be on *THE MIND*.


The mind is very key to every victory we will ever experience in life. The devil knows this, that is why he focuses on polluting and attacking the mind of people. You can’t live a healthy life, if your mind is unhealthy. 


You can’t live a victorious life, if your mind is in the gutters. If you want any change to occur in your life, you must change your mindset first. The mind is where destiny is determined, that is why you must guard it from pollution and attack of the enemy.


Have you ever taken time to look inwards and realise that the problem you have is vision problem. Because for every vision there is provision from the vision giver. Whenever you lack vision, you will also lack a clear mindset. 


Indeed, if you have big vision you will also enjoy big mindset from the vision giver. If you have little vision, you will also enjoy little mindset. If you have no vision, don’t be surprised when you lack a mind. So many people are suffering today because they lack vision due to a clear mindset and they are not doing anything worthwhile with their lives. 


If want a worthy mind, get a vision and get on running with it. And you will  never lack that positive mindset ever again.


Please note that the enemy can not reach you except through your mind. The moment he captures your mind he has got you. Keep your mind healthy. Watch the books you read, the music you listen to, the movies you see, the discussions you engage in and the people you associate with. 

To keep your mind where the enemy cannot reach it, you must guard your mind, renew your mind daily and always be spiritually minded. For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.


Finally, remember that the world does not pay you for what you say, it does not pay you for what you think, it does not pay you for what you know, the universe rewards action. Anybody can talk but not everyone can do their talk. What separates winners from losers, is that winners get up to do what is necessary while losers just dreams and talks without taking concrete action.


Don’t wait until you become perfect before you take the necessary actions to change your mindset as it affects your lifes situation. The more you act the better you get at doing things and recording success in your mind. 


Nobody can do what is needed for you, you have the sole responsibility to create the  life you want through your mindset just the way you want it to be. 


You must be ready to take the leap of faith everyday and trust God to lead you all the way *PERIOD!!!*.


I am your…

Security Expert/Motivator/Inspirer

Capt K Joshua Kalio


Medallion76 Security

Medallion76 Security Motivational/Inspirational Clinic

Lets Work Together…

 Are you a serious and focused aspiring speaker/trainer/coach/event promoter from the Diaspora anywhere in the world? If yes …we at Medallion76 Security Motivational and Inspirational Clinic would love to hear from you as we work to develop a network of like minded persons who are willing to share and help each other along the path to Greatness. 

 If this is not you but you know of someone please share this with them.





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We at the M76 M/I Clinic would like you to know that “Today is the future you spoke of yesterday. Tomorrow will be the future you speak of today.

Today is the future you created yesterday. Tomorrow will be the future you create today. Putting off working on your future until your tomorrows will ensure your todays are consistently susceptible to the vagaries of fate.